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NHS ward rounds 'neglected'

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) are united in calling for ward rounds to be made the cornerstone of patient care after a fall in standards.

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RCP: 'Ward rounds must focus on patients'

There is a danger that busy clinical staff have become too task orientated and less patient orientated in relation to the tasks that they are doing.

We need to get away from a situation where a manager says: 'Dr Temple your ward round takes three hours and you need to make it an hour and a quarter?'

We are all under pressure to save money - we're saying that a ward round is key to patient care and getting it right will save resources in the long term.

– Dr Mark Temple, acute care fellow at the RCP's Medical Workforce Unit

We often under estimate the importance of ward rounds for patients, and sometimes don't allow enough time for patients to discuss their anxieties or for relatives to be involved with care.

– Dr Linda Patterson, clinical vice president of the RCP

The holistic approach to ward rounds is something that is incredibly important and we do tend to miss that there is a whole person there - not just a medical condition.

There has been a gradual erosion of what I would call a good ward round but there are some areas out there of extremely good practice that we can all learn from.

– Suzie Hughes, chair of the RCP's Patient and Care Group

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