ITV documentary reveals fresh Savile claims

One woman, who did not wish to reveal her identity, told the ITV1 documentary Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile that she lost her virginity when she was raped by the television personality at the age of 16.

She described how she first met the star a year earlier on the set of Top of the Pops and was invited into his dressing room where Sir Jimmy touched her "intimately" under her skirt.

He did it on various occasions in various places - it was always a quick fumble. The first question he ever asked me was how old I was so he knew. He was a predator really, a predator on young girls.

The woman said she was indecently assaulted by the personality "dozens of times" before she was raped in his caravan while it was parked by Kings Cross station in London.

As a mature woman now I look back and think it was rape on the first occasion as I didn't know we were going to have full sex and I said we were not going to go all the way.