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Miliband slams schoolgirl heckler

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has condemned the delegate who heckled a schoolgirl who explained to the party's conference how her academy school encouraged the arts. The person shouted: "A lot of comprehensives do the same."

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Labour pledge to focus on NI reconciliation talks

Labour would help set up reconciliation talks for Northern Ireland to deal with the legacy of the Troubles, shadow Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker has said.

He accused the Westminster of stalling the process by refusing to facilitate talks between the parties.

Shadow Northern Ireland secretary Vernon Coaker

Mr Coaker told delegates in Manchester:

"A shared future can only happen through building shared spaces and shared experiences with shared prosperity and shared responsibility.

"That includes taking responsibility for what happened in the past. Because we need to deal with the legacy of Northern Ireland's Troubles, the death of 3,000 people and injuries and trauma for tens of thousands more.

"We can't truly move forward until we do.

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