Mendes promises an 'epic' return for Bond

Director Sam Mendes has promised James Bond fans will be treated to an "epic" movie when the long-awaited next instalment finally hits the cinemas later this month.

Mendes told Total Film that "Skyfall" would show 007 as a "three-dimensional" character and hinted it could be one of the longest films in the popular super-spy franchise.

Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, with director Sam Mendes Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

The Oscar-winning director told the magazine, "As the movie progresses, it gets more epic. I loved the scale of it. I think there is a possibility that I put everything I've ever wanted to put in a Bond movie into this movie".

Tomorrow marks "Global James Bond Day", which kicks off with the first ever full airplay of the "Skyfall" theme tune - performed by Adele - at 0:07am.

The "Skyfall" premiere takes place on 23 October at the Royal Albert Hall.