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Hunt: Halve abortion time limit

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he favours a sharp tightening of the law on abortion. In an interview with The Times, Mr Hunt said the limit should be cut to 12 weeks into a pregnancy - half the current limit of 24 weeks.

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Hunt backs reduction of abortion time limit to 12 weeks

The new Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt backs a reduction in the time limit for women to have abortions, from 24 to 12 weeks.

Mr Hunt has told The Times said he had reached the conclusion after studying the evidence and denied that his stance was a consequence of his Christian belief.

Mr Hunt said: "There are some issues that cut across health and morality, a bit like capital punishment does for crime.

"There are all sorts of arguments in favour and against in terms of deterrence and justice but also there is a fundamental moral issue that sits behind it.

I think abortion is one of those issues.”

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