Tory MP 'delighted' over Hunt's abortion comments

Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, has tweeted that she will reintroduce her 2008 amendment to set the time limit on abortion to 20 weeks after being "delighted" by the Health Secretary's bravery in expressing his personal view that the limit should be cut to 12 weeks:


@timgattitv Delighted Will re-introduce my 2008 amendment to reduce to 20 weeks this session 3/4 of all GPs want a reduction from 24 weeks


@retiringviolet @timgattitv I am delighted that he was brave enough to answer the question honestly and voice his personal belief #20weeks


Hunt: Halve abortion time limit

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he favours a sharp tightening of the law on abortion. In an interview with The Times, Mr Hunt said the limit should be cut to 12 weeks into a pregnancy - half the current limit of 24 weeks.