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Hunt: Halve abortion time limit

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he favours a sharp tightening of the law on abortion. In an interview with The Times, Mr Hunt said the limit should be cut to 12 weeks into a pregnancy - half the current limit of 24 weeks.

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Cameron: 'Hunt is entitled to his opinion over abortion'

David Cameron said he did not agree with Mr Hunt's position, but added that he was entitled to his opinion. Speaking ahead of the Conservative party conference the Prime Minister added that he was in favour of a smaller decrease in the abortion limit:

He is a Member of Parliament, he is absolutely entitled to hold an individual view, a view of conscience and on this issue all Members of Parliament - Prime Ministers, Health Secretaries, everybody - has to vote according to their consciences.

They are totally entitled to hold that view but people need to know the Government has got no plans to bring forward any legislation in this area and any vote that does happen will be a free vote.

I personally have voted for a modest reduction from the current limit of 24 weeks because I think there are some medical arguments for that. But I don't agree with the 12-week limit and that's not the Government's policy.

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