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Hunt: Halve abortion time limit

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he favours a sharp tightening of the law on abortion. In an interview with The Times, Mr Hunt said the limit should be cut to 12 weeks into a pregnancy - half the current limit of 24 weeks.

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Cooper: 'Hunt's remarks are deeply worrying'

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, who speaks for Labour on women's issues, described Mr Hunt's remarks as "chilling".

Jeremy Hunt's statements on abortion are deeply worrying and show the Health Secretary has given no serious consideration to women's health," she said.

Everyone has personal views but as Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has a responsibility to lead government policy on women's health. Perhaps the most chilling part of his interview is the claim that 12 weeks is based on evidence when it undoubtedly is not.

David Cameron needs to make sure his health secretary doesn't distort medical evidence and does not impose his own view on women about their health.

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