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Khan's rally against US drones

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan led a 'peace march' against US drone attacks to the border of Waziristan in a 15 mile long convoy of vehicles. He hailed the march a success, despite not reaching the intended destination due to safety concerns.

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US activists to attend anti-drone march

A delegation of American activists from women's peace group CodePink will take part in a march to Waziristan in the tribal area of Pakistan tomorrow, to protest against the use of unmanned drones in the region. Dianne Budd, a doctor from San Francisco said she was somewhat concerned for her safety:

Of course I’m concerned about our security, but I am even more concerned about the security of the people of Waziristan who face constant threats and terror from the drones flying above their heads twenty-four hours a day.

CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin said the march was intended to put pressure on the Obama administration to stop the secretive attacks. She said

We also feel this march will put significant pressure on the Obama administration to come clean about these drone attacks, to recognize how inhumane and counterproductive they are. We will continue to find ways to protest these barbaric assassinations until they finally end.

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