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Cameron signals further cuts

The Conservative Party's annual conference opened in Birmingham today. David Cameron ruled out the 'mansion tax' saying this 'not going to happen.' He also signalled that additional benefit cuts would be necessary to fight the deficit.

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Hague: Miliband is no Disreali

William Hague at the Conservative Party Conference today Credit: Press Association.

Foreign Secretary William Hague hit out at Labour leader Ed Miliband for using Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli's 'One Nation' mantle during last week's Labour Party Conference. Speaking to delegates at the Conservative Party conference he said:

"Last week he (Mr Miliband) made claim to be Disraeli. We know a little more about Benjamin Disraeli, a great Conservative Prime Minister, than he does.

Disraeli was defined by changing his party for the late 19th Century while Ed Miliband will be defined by refusing to change his Party for the 21st century.

Disraeli believed in fiscal discipline, in self-reliance, in building on historic strengths, in this country paying its way and in taxes being kept down.

To borrow a turn of phrase, we were led by Disraeli, our predecessors knew Disraeli, Disraeli's beliefs were Conservative through and through, and, Ed Miliband, you are no Disraeli."

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