Sandi Toksvig: 'I was groped while on air and BBC allegations were no surprise'

Comedienne Sandi Toksvig has said that she was groped while on air by "a famous individual " Declining to name the individual on the Andrew Marr Show, Ms Toksvig said that when she reported the incident staff thought it was funny.

Sandi Toksvig, during the recording of The Graham Norton Show in 2011 Credit: Nick Ansell/PA

She said; "In the eighties, which is when I started in radio and television things were very different and not to name any names, but I was once very unpleasantly groped while I was broadcasting by a famous individual who shall remain nameless.

And when I told the staff afterwards what had happened everybody though it was amusing. There was a sort of 'shrugged shoulder' approach to the whole thing."

She added that allegations of inappropriate behaviour at the BBC "did not surprise me at all and I had heard those stories when I was working at the BBC."