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Chavez wins Venezuela election

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has won a 4th term in office, the country's electoral council has announced. Chavez had faced a strong challenge from Henrique Capriles.

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Who is the man challenging Chavez?

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez faces a battle to retain power in Sunday's tightly contested election battle against Henrique Capriles. Here are some facts about Chavez's opponent:

  • A 40-year-old law graduate, currently governor of Venezuela's second-most populous state, Miranda.
  • Became Venezuela's youngest legislator at the age of 26, then won the mayorship of a Caracas municipality.
  • His maternal grandparents, the Radonskis, left Poland for Venezuela to flee anti-Semitism.
  • A keen basketball player and sports lover, he downs Red Bulls to keep his energy up.
  • Imprisoned for four months on charges of fomenting a protest at the Cuban Embassy in 2002; acquitted at trial.
  • If elected, says he wants to copy Brazil's 'modern left' model of economic and social policies.
  • Opposes more nationalisations but proposes keeping the best of Chavez's much-vaunted "Missions" for the poor.
  • Has made education his flagship policy, pointing to a strong record of opening new schools in Miranda.

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