Boris Johnson is keen to avoid the fate of earlier leaders-in-waiting

For a lot of Tories, Boris Johnson is effectively the Conservative party leader-in-waiting.

But Boris is a keen student of political history and he looks back at other leaders-in-waiting, like Michael Heseltine for example, who did not seize the crown.

His speech today was quite carefully calibrated: He was funny; He made them laugh; He teased the Prime Minister; He was quite optimistic and buoyant amid all this economic gloom.

But he didn't stray away from his subject - he concentrated on London and he made sure it could not be seen as a direct leadership pitch.

I think it is in his interests to continue like that because if he does the party will be tempted to deploy him quite heavily in the next election.


Boris: I'm a mop & PM a broom

The darling of the Conservative conference, Boris Johnson, has backed David Cameron, telling delegates he was pleased the PM called him as a "blond haired mop", because his party had to "clear things up" after Labour. He called Mr Cameron "a broom."