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Justin Lee Collins found guilty

The television presenter Justin Lee Collins has been found guilty of harassing his former partner, Anna Larke. He has been sentenced to 140 hours community service within the next 18 months and ordered to pay £3,500 in prosecution costs.

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Judge: Would be to Collins' credit to admit violence

This is humbling work for somebody who lives a prominent public life but the very humility that the manual work should induce will make you pause and think about what you have done.

You've had a successful career and led up to this time a decent life. It would have been very much to your credit if you had had the courage to admit your violence against Ms Larke and for that you will pay the price.

It's serious because any violence in any relationship when people should be able to rely on each other is a serious breach of trust.

– Judge John Plumstead, St Albans Crown Court

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