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Wet weather 'food price rise'

Farmers and retailers are warning that the UK's dismal summer will push up food prices for consumers this autumn. Wheat yields fell 14.1% this year, according to the National Farmers Union (NFU).

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Food prices 'up 12% in real terms'

The Government's Food Statistics Pocketbook shows the ongoing impact on UK families of food price rises. Between 2007 and 2012 just over half (51.8%) of food consumed within the UK was supplied domestically.

  • After a long period of decline, food prices have risen in real terms by 12% over the past five years
  • Fruit prices have risen 34% since 2007
  • Falling household incomes mean 'food affordability' has been reduced by 20%

Between 2007 and 2010, the main response by UK households to food price rises was to buy less. Low income households bought:

  • 25% less fruit
  • 15% less vegetables

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