1. Tom Bradby

How have the three party leaders performed?

All of the party leaders have given good speeches at their conferences over the past three weeks.

Nick Clegg reminded us that we may have two questions in our mind going into the next election:

  • 1) Who do we want as the main party?
  • 2) Do we want the Liberal Democrats there as a kind of moderating influence?

Ed Miliband went into his conference with very few people able to imagine him as prime minister.

He gave a barn-storming performance and while I'm not going to say it transformed him, perhaps it did allow us to conceive of him in that way.

David Cameron significantly raised his game today.

His recent speeches haven't been that outstanding but he gave a very good speech today. His main point - that we cannot go on borrowing.

It was the same old argument but put forward with much more force and passion.