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Hillsborough police face inquiry

Scores of police officers including a serving chief constable are being investigated over the Hillsborough disaster in what will be the biggest ever inquiry into police action, it has emerged.

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IPCC to investigate possible cover-up by officers

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will investigate the role of the West Midlands Police in the Hillsborough disaster, and their role in a possible cover-up.

The investigation will affect a large number of former and serving officers and will look specifically at the following critical issues:

  • The amendments to statements – who ordered it, who knew about it, who was involved in the process and was pressure put on individual officers?
  • The allegations that misleading information was passed to the media, and MPs, Parliament and Inquiries to deflect blame from police
  • The role of West Midlands Police and those who led that investigation into the disaster

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