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Hillsborough police face inquiry

Scores of police officers including a serving chief constable are being investigated over the Hillsborough disaster in what will be the biggest ever inquiry into police action, it has emerged.

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IPCC to investigate West Midlands Police

The IPCC has announced it will investigate the actions and response of the West Midlands Police to the Hillsborough tragedy. The IPPC said the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report revealed "extremely serious and troubling issues for the police."

Its contents provoked a demand for those responsible for the actions revealed in the report to be held to account. Since the report was published, the IPCC has been undertaking a thorough review of it and has also begun to examine the 450,000 pages of supporting evidence to identify what conduct, by named or unnamed police officers, requires investigation.

The IPPC said it will investigate the following:

  • The amendments to statements – who ordered it, who knew about it, who was involved?
  • The allegations that misleading information was passed to the media, and MPs, to deflect blame from police
  • The role of West Midlands Police and those who led that investigation

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