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Anger over O2 network issues

Millions of O2 customers were left unable to to make or receive calls or data after after a technical fault struck at around noon. O2 says it has rectified the fault but some customers are still complaining of problems.

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O2 answers questions on technical problems

  • What has gone wrong?

One of our network nodes which help connect and manage traffic, failed at lunchtime today. This meant that a number of our customers have had difficulty connecting to our network to make calls or use data. A fix was found by 3.30pm and since then we have been reconnecting customers systematically.

  • When will service be fully restored?

Some people had their service restored from 3.30pm this afternoon when we began systematically reconnecting affected customers to the network. We are working as quickly as we can to restore service to all our customers.

  • Is this the same fault as the one in July?

No, the cause was different. However, it has had a similar impact on our customers, albeit fewer of them.

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