Radio 1 researcher 'heard Savile boast about sex with underage girls'

Richard Pearson worked a 21-year-old researcher at Radio 1 when he heard Savile make the claims. Credit: Channel 4 News

A former BBC Radio 1 researcher told Channel 4 News that he was once in a meeting with another producer when Jimmy Savile boasted about having had sex with 14-year-old girls that morning.

Richard Pearson said Savile was "doing his comedy presenter routine, and one of the things he said, not particularly quietly, was that he'd 'had' three 14-year-old girls in his trailer that morning.

"And when he said 'had' he didn't mean they'd come to criticise his curtains."

Mr Pearson said that Savile gave him the impression that the activities were "common knowledge" and that the entertainer was "pretty much untouchable, and that was why nothing ever got done about it."