Facebook support for seven arrested Marines

More than 32,000 people have endorsed a Facebook group created to support seven Royal Marines arrested on suspicion of murder following an incident in Afghanistan in 2011.

The group, "Support the 7 Royal Marine Commandos arrested for murder in afghanistan" was created the same day that the Ministry of Defence announced the arrests.

The Facebook page has over 32,000 likes Credit: Facebook/Support the Seven Royal Marines Commando

The creator of the Facebook group wrote, "This page is set up to show support for the seven Royal Marine Commandos arrested for murder for an event which happened in afghanistan 2011 where no civilians where injured and one guman killed which shot at them FIRST (sic)".

The latest update notes, "We are averaging 17 "Likes" a minute at the moment. A great effort by everyone spreading the page to this more than deserving cause. Thank you!".

The arrests are thought to be the first time UK servicemen have been held on suspicion of such charges during the conflict in Afghanistan.