Grant Shapps gave business associates tour of parliament as 'Michael Green'

Conservative party co-chairman Grant Shapps conducted a guided tour of parliament for three internet business associates under the name Michael Green when he was a Tory backbencher, a Guardian investigation has revealed.

Tory co-chairman Grant Shapps called himself 'Michael Green' when he gave entrepreneurs a tour of parliament. Credit: UPPA/Photoshot

The report claims that one of the men kept a blog - which has since been deleted - that read:"I was given an exclusive night-time tour, amidst high level security, at ... the Houses of Parliament. Accompanied by 3 top Internet marketers. With no one else present. Apart from a watching policeman."

Mr Shapps, who bought the internet entrepreneurs dinner in a Commons restaurant on the same evening in 2006, denied last month that he was "living a double life".

A Conservative Party spokesman has denied the claims, and said:

"This is complete rubbish. Grant held a dinner for three friends who knew him personally. There is absolutely nothing improper about this."