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Hillsborough police face inquiry

Scores of police officers including a serving chief constable are being investigated over the Hillsborough disaster in what will be the biggest ever inquiry into police action, it has emerged.

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Hillsborough families are 'happy but sceptical of new investigation'

Pete Weatherby QC, who represents several families of Hillsborough victims, said they welcomed the new inquiry, as some of them had already contacted the IPCC asking that it be carried out.

"After 23 years of failed inquiries there is a degree of scepticism but I think, from the families I have spoken to, they are happy this latest investigation has been announced," the QC told BBC Breakfast.

He said they wanted it to be completely transparent and to be kept informed of its progress throughout.

That is the remaining concern about it - it may be the biggest in the IPCC's history but it should also need really to be the best also.

There are other things that can be done, there can be independent outsiders brought in to ensure that the IPCC investigation is thorough and appropriate.

The families that I represent are palpably angry about the failure to bring to account those in authority that have failed in their duty.That of course starts on the day with the failings which led to this entirely avoidable tragedy.But also it applies to the outrage that followed the tragedy and they simply want people brought to book and people to be found accountable for both what happened on the day and the apparent cover-up afterwards.

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