Justice Minister 'shocked' by Savile revelations

Chris Grayling, Justice Minister has called the recent revelations about Sir Jimmy Savile 'appalling' and said he was horrified to hear the allegations. Speaking on Sky News he said:

I think we've all been shocked by the revelations that have come out The stories involving the NHS hospitals, involving homes for very vulnerable children, I think all of us who saw Jimmy Savile as a great national figure, now are utterly horrified by the truth that has emerged about him.

Nobody could possibly defend anything that's happened. Of course it is right and proper that we identify how on earth this was able to happen, why senior people did not act earlier, whether there are lessons to learn now.

But I think particularly whether there were people who were also involved at the time who are still with us.

The BBC in particular has to learn lessons from this.

This was a shocking story, these revelations are appalling they must never ever happen again.