Tony Blackburn 'disgusted by Savile actions'

In a statement Mr Blackburn said:

I am disgusted beyond words at the vile, despicable actions of Jimmy Savile.

As the father of a 15-year-old daughter myself, I can only imagine the pain that the young women, men and their families have lived with over the decades.

I have nothing but admiration for the bravery they have shown in living with this pain and with which they are now able to come forward and speak about what went on.

Whilst it is a tragedy that Jimmy Savile is not alive to face the justice that he deserves to face, I only hope that the victims are able to get some comfort from the fact that their stories are now being heard and believed

Mr Blackburn said he had never viewed Savile as a friend, saying:

He was not a nice man, despite how the public viewed him at the peak of his success.

There were always rumours circulating about him, the problem at the time was that rumour was always hard to translate in to fact.