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34% of Scots back independence

David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond have signed a deal to grant the government in Edinburgh the power to hold a referendum on independence. But an ITV News Index poll appears to show only 34% of Scots support independence.

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55% of Scots: 'Independence will have economic impact'

The latest ITV News Index Poll conducted by ComRes appears to show that over half of Scots believe that Scotland’s economy would suffer if it became an independent country.

Just over a quarter of British adults also agreed that the rest of the UK would suffer economically if Scotland gained independence.

Of those interviewed:

  • 55% of Scots felt Scotland would suffer economically if it became independent
  • 40% of Scots said the rest of the UK would face that fate if Scotland left the UK
  • 58% of Brits said an independent Scotland would suffer economically
  • 27% agreed the rest of the UK would suffer financially if Scotland left

ComRes interviewed 2,097 British adults online between 12-14 October.

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