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MPs allowed expenses secrecy

More than 50 MPs have been allowed to keep the name of their landlord secret on security grounds. The expenses watchdog has published a list of landlords who are paid taxpayer-funded rent by MPs after a freedom of information request.

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Dispute over publication of MPs' addresses in expenses row

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) gave assurances last night that it would not publish the full addresses of MPs caught up in the latest expenses allegations.

The watchdog was responding to a letter from the Commons Speaker John Bercow warning that there was a "very real danger" that MPs' residential addresses could be discovered.

Commons Speaker John Bercow Credit: PA/PA Wire

Sir Ian Kennedy, the chairman of Ipsa, said the "names of landlords and other suppliers of goods and service" would be disclosed where relevant. He added that all affected MPs had been asked whether they had any concerns about their landlord's details being released.

Ipsa had been due to disclose the material in response to a Freedom of Information request.

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