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'No action' over Griffin tweets

BNP leader Nick Griffin will not face any action after he published the address of a gay couple who won a landmark legal ruling on Twitter, police told the BBC.

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Nick Griffin Twitter comments 'incoherent'

Michael Black, whose address was allegedly published by Nick Griffin, has described the BNP leader's tweets as "incoherent". He told BBC Breakfast:

We were shocked to hear about it and the more we read about it the more incoherent they seemed.

So we don't really know what Nick Griffin is getting at.

He accuses us of being heterophobic which is far from the truth and he has accused us of trying to outlaw Christianity which is not true either.

The [court] finding of discrimination protects Christians from being discriminated against as well as people who are gay or different races or different religions.

His partner John Morgan said the couple have not been at the address that was allegedly published and that "local police are keeping their eye on the property".

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