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Salmond at SNP conference

The four-day conference will focus on the opportunities the SNP believe independence will bring Scotland, with Nationalists seeking to contrast these with the consequences of remaining part of the UK.

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SNP: 'Home rule journey coming to conclusion'

Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, said in a speech at the SNP conference: "It is past time for a fresh start for our nation, when opportunities will be seized and not lost. When our resources will be harnessed for the common wheel and not squandered.

"We'll use our wealth to nurture and not destroy. We seek independence for a reason. It is not for me, not for this party, it is for a new opportunity for every person in Scotland.

"Independence is about family and future. It is for a more equal Scotland and the opportunity to change our nation for good. To reach a flourishing green economy a fair society, a chance of a better society. What greater prizes can there be for any nation?

"Scotland's time is coming. Our home rule journey is coming to its conclusion. Together we say yes to Scotland and to independence."

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