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Funeral of hit-and-run mum

A mother who was killed in a hit-and-run rampage that injured 13 other pedestrians in Wales will be buried today.

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Mother and child were 'catapulted' by rampaging van

Adam Lewis, who saw his partner and baby daughter hit by the rampaging van in Cardiff, has spoken of the moment the vehicle smashed into his family.

With two-year-old Amelia May sat next to him bearing heavy facial scars from the collision, Mr Lewis told Sky News his parter Annie was pushing their daughter's pushchair on the pavement when "all of a sudden we got hit behind by the van."

He added: "It was too late he just smashed right into us."

The father, who was knocked to the floor by the van's wing mirror, said: "Unfortunately my partner and our baby bore the brunt of it."

He said Ms Lewis "buckled" when the vehicle struck and "just flew" with her and Amelia "catapulted" into the air.

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