Scots more likely to vote for independence if faced with another Tory term

More than half of Scots would be more likely to vote for independence if the Conservatives were would be returned to power in Westminster at the next general election.

A poll for The Sunday Times (£) and Real Radio Scotland found 37% of Scots said the country should be independent, with 45% against.

When it asked voters what they would do if they felt the 2015 UK general election would result in either a majority Conservative government at Westminster or another Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition;

  • 52% said this would make them likely to vote in favour of Scotland leaving the UK
  • 40% of those questioned said they would be unlikely to vote for independence
  • 8% said they did not know how they would cast their ballot

A total of 972 voters north of the border were questioned for the Panelbase survey, which comes less than a week after Prime Minister David Cameron signed a deal on the independence referendum with Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.