Fidel Castro in 'magnificent health' after rumours

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro published an article to dismiss rumours of his death. Credit: APTN

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro hit out at rumours of his death in an article published on the state run Caubadebate website this morning. The article is accompanied by several pictures of the 86-year-old revolutionary icon outside his home wearing a checked shirt and a cowboy hat.

He said he was releasing the images to show how "dishonest" the rumours of his demise have been. He said: "I don't even remember what a headache feels like".

Castro is seen reading the Communist Party newspaper Granna. Credit: APTN

On Sunday, visiting former Venezuelan vice president Elias Jaua released a photo of a meeting he said he had the previous day with Castro, and a hotel manager also present for part of the meeting claimed Castro's health was "magnificent."

Castro stepped down in 2006 following a severe illness, handing power to his brother Raul.