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Welfare reforms 'to hit disabled'

Around 500,000 disabled people are "expected to lose out" when the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is scrapped, a new report claimed today.

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MS sufferer: 'Welfare reforms are cutting the lower levels'

Shana Pezaro, 33, who has MS has told Daybreak that the lower levels will be badly affected by the cuts.

She said: "They are cutting the lower levels - so people who may not have as a high need as I do - for instance, I have a friend with MS, who gets £20 per week.

"With that money she can pay for a cleaner to come in for an hour and it also means that she can get a cab back from work for two of those three days when she's working._

"That money is an absolute essential life-line to mean that she can stay in her job. Now you take that money away and suddenly she is stuck in terms of being able to do her job."

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