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'Landmark' equal pay ruling

The Supreme Court has ruled that 174 claimants who used to work for Birmingham City Council can launch equal pay compensation claims past the current six-month time limit. Lawyers for the former employees have described the judgment as a "landmark."

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Wider significance of equal pay court ruling explained

Employment lawyer Samantha Mangwana has said that this mornings decision by the Supreme Court could have a huge implications for equal pay cases.

She said; "Men and women who bring equal pay claims can do so in the ordinary courts where they have up to six years to bring the claim, until now it was thought there was a time limit of six months and they could only be brought in employment tribunals."

Ms Mangwana also said that the change of venue could have further implications for employees bringing equal pay claims:

"In tribunals, employers and employees bear your own costs. The system is completely different in the ordinary courts where the loser pays the winners costs. That could be significant because in cases where people have good claims employers may settle quicker."

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