US Senate candidate: Controversial rape comments were 'twisted'

Richard Mourdock, who is standing to represent Indiana in the Senate, said his words had been "twisted" Credit: REUTERS/Reuters Staff

The Republican candidate for the Senate in the state of Indiana has said that his comments about rape victims' right to abortion had been taken out of context.

Speaking at a debate last night, Richard Mourdock said that when women become pregnant as a result of rape “that’s something God intended.”

He clarified his remarks today saying he "absolutely abhors" violence against women, but that he doesn't believe rape constitutes grounds for an abortion because "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape ... it is something God intended to happen."

The Romney campaign has reiterated its support for Mourdock's candidacy but emphasised that Mitt Romney does not share his views on abortion.

A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said the comments were indicative of the "extreme positions" espoused by "many Republicans who are running for office" including Mitt Romney.