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Hillsborough cop resigns

Sir Norman Bettison has resigned as chief constable of West Yorkshire Police after claims that he was involved in a cover-up over the Hillsborough disaster.

  1. Lucy Manning

Sir Norman Bettison could potentially lose 65% of pension

Sir Normal Bettison will walk away with a pension of around £83,000 a year - that's from Merseyside Police where he was chief constable.

The only way he can lose that is if - and it's a big if - he faces criminal charges and then, potentially, he could only lose up to 65% of it.

The Merseyside Police Authority's hands are tied on that. They are having a meeting tomorrow but there's not much they can do at the moment.

And as Sir Norman told me, he insists he has done nothing wrong and believes that the IPCC investigation will clear him.

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