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Missing Olympic medal returned

Hockey player Hannah Macleod has got her Olympic bronze medal back. Scotland Yard said it been posted anonymously to the England Hockey head office in Buckinghamshire. Macleod and Alex Partridge said their medals had been stolen earlier this week.

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Hockey player 'extremely pleased' medal has been returned

Hannah Macleod said she was "extremely pleased" that her missing bronze medal had been returned, describing it as "a huge relief".

The hockey player is still hoping that Alex Partridge will also get his treasured medal back.

I am indebted to everyonewho has tweeted about it, everyone who has got in touch and who has publicisedthe situation. I can’t thank you enough. I think all of you played a part inencouraging whoever had my medal to return it.

I’m conscious that thepolice investigation is still ongoing and that Alex Partridge’s medal is yet tobe returned and I urge whoever has it to return it too.

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