1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent

Newsnight editor changed his mind on Savile a day after Christmas schedules were published

There was a crucial week at the end of November 2011:

On November 25th, Newsnight editor Peter Rippon sent an email saying he was still very enthusiastic about the investigation.

On 29th November, the BBC Christmas schedules were published.

On 30th November, Rippon sent another email to his team saying he'd had a change of heart and that he was no longer sure the story was strong enough to run.

On 1st December he pulled all editing on the programme entirely, effectively ending the project.

The question is: Did he feel he had to pull the programme because of the tribute programmes? Or was it because of the new information he was given the previous day by the reporter which made him question the project editorially?

The BBC said this will be examined in the investigation run by former head of Sky News Nick Pollard.