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Candidates on campaign trail

President Barack Obama is expected to resume an election campaign suspended in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy today. His challenger, Republican Mitt Romney held two rallies in Florida on Wednesday.

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  1. Robert Moore

Sandy changes contours of US election race

There is no question that US election officials face significant challenges - for example early voting has already been disrupted in states like New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Some polling stations will surely have to be relocated.

I don't think there's any question that the President has had an excellent 48 hours. He's suspended his campaign appropriately. He went back to the White House and showed some leadership there. There was good coordination between local, state and federal officials.

The science worked in the sense that the storm was well tracked as it hit the east coast.

I think that's been a pretty good performance by the President and tellingly that was praised by the Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie.

The key question and the key political issue is whether this storm has frozen the campaign in time and whether it still remains a dead heat, or whether there has been a swing to the President because of his strong performance.

I suppose we'll only know the answer on election day.

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