Minister to meet with Winterbourne View families

Norman Lamb confirmed he planned to meet with the parents of patients at Winterbourne View before he delivers the Government's full response to the abuse scandal.

Responding to Ms Kendal, he said he had been "working since my appointment to ensure we set the right policy to protect vulnerable individuals."

Mr Lamb said rogue individuals who behave very badly "must be dealt with through the criminal law", as occurred last week with Winterbourne View staff.

He added that "owners at the corporate level of these organisations must be held to account for things that go on in their homes, if there has been neglect".

In regard to last night's Panorama report, referred to by Ms Kendal, he said:

You mentioned the 19 alerts, that was in March. That is itself intolerable that it is still the case. By September it was down to six ... it's very important people do raise those concerns but I assure you I will do everything I can to end this scandal and ensure we have proper safeguarding arrangements in place.