Report: Lib Dem source calls John Hayes' actions 'very silly'

The Guardian's political editor has quoted a source in Liberal Democrat party as saying that John Hayes' comments on wind turbines are not coalition policy:


Lib dem source on Hayes "he might think it is coalition policy, but it is n't and won't ever be. He has been very silly"

Labour's parliamentary candidate for Lincoln, Lucy Rigby, appeared to back up the story, branding the episode "energy shambles".


Lincs Tory MP Hayes' "enough is enough" rant on wind farms slapped down as 'not Govt policy' by his Lib Dem boss. #Energyshambles continues.


Minister attacks wind farms

The Tory energy minister has condemned the "peppering" of wind farms across the countryside, insisting: "Enough is enough." John Hayes said the spread of turbines "seems extraordinary" and they should no longer be "imposed on communities".