Heroic NYPD cop dies saving family from flooding

A New York Police Department officer has been hailed a hero after he died saving his family from the raging flood water on Staten Island.

Artur Kasprzak, 28, drowned Monday night after rescuing seven members of his family, including his 15-month-old son, the NYPD said.

NYPD officer Artur Kasprzak, 28, died after saving seven members of his family Credit: Facebook/NYPD

After ushering them into his home's attic to escape the surging flood water, Mr Kasprzak told one of the women he was going to check the basement. He never returned.

An emergency services call prompted the NYPD to dispatch scuba divers to the home, but they were unable to enter due to downed power cables in the water.

Staten Island suffered terrible floods as a result of Sandy Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly

Mr Kasprzak's body was found in the basement the next morning, unconscious and unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An NYPD spokesperson said, "We offer condolences and prayers for Police Officer Kasprzak's family and all those who are suffering losses as a result of the storm, and extended deep appreciation for those working selflessly to help others. They and Artur will never be forgotten".