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One month since April vanished

Police are continuing their painstaking search for missing five-year-old April Jones one month on from the youngster's sudden disappearance.

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  1. Rupert Evelyn, ITV News Correspondent

Machynlleth strengthened by a resolve to find April

It has been "an horrific month" says the mayor of Machynlleth.

Councillor Gareth Jones wishes his community could return to normal but with five-year-old April Jones still missing what normality would it be?

On every gate, lamp post and in every shop window the pink ribbons remain, a constant reminder of the little school girl who is still to be found.

Daily the police scour the countryside in the hope that this bleak, rugged and forbidding landscape will finally give-up her secret location.

Machynlleth is wounded by the loss of a child but it continues to be strengthened by a resolve to find her.

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