1. Robert Moore

Latest polls in key states: Obama's post-Superstorm boost

The President is now working hard to generate the momentum to secure victory on Tuesday night.

He's on a post-Superstorm roll, finding his voice and his closing arguments.

Here are the latest poll numbers from some key states.

The White House will be thrilled. If they are accurate and he can hold on to this narrow lead in Florida and Ohio, he'll comfortably win his cherished second term in the White House.

  • Colorado: Romney 47%, Obama 46% (Reuters/Ipsos)
  • Florida: Obama 48%, Romney 46% (Reuters/Ipsos)
  • New Hampshire: Obama 50%, Romney 44% (New England College)
  • Ohio: Obama 47%, Romney 45% (Reuters/Ipsos)
  • Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 44% (Reuters/Ipsos)