Jess Ennis reveals London 2012 pressures in book

Jessica Ennis won gold in the heptathlon at London 2012 Credit: PA

Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis has revealed the extreme pressure of being the face of the London Olympics.

In her new book, Unbelievable, serialised in The Times, the heptathlete champion also described how she was bullied because of her size at school, and the "pure fear" she felt before the 800 metres, her final event at the Olympic Stadium.

Of the weeks and months building up to the Games, she wrote: "The pressure was huge. I would drive past five big posters of me on the way to training. It was still hard to take in.

"One night I was driving to a chip shop and was about to go in when I saw the huge Powerade ad hanging outside. There I was, supposedly sweating after a hard session, clad in Lycra and selling good health. I thought, 'God, I can't go in now', and drove on to Sainsbury's instead."