Mo Mowlam doctor: Liverpool Care Pathway is 'corrupt'

Professor Mark Glaser, the cancer specialist who treated the former Labour Cabinet minister Mo Mowlam, has described the Liverpool Care Pathway as "corrupt".

He told the Daily Mail he believes the pathway is being used as a way to hit NHS targets and free up beds, and revealed that he has personally taken "dozens" of his own patients out of the system.

You can’t be just guided by admission rates and targets.

There is nothing more intransigent and corrupt at the moment in medical practices as the hospice Liverpool Pathway movement.

It’s not really active or passive euthanasia, it’s negligence ...

All the managers want the bed space and they will take down drips weeks earlier to get people out. That is a scandal.

– Professor Mark Glaser


New end-of-life care legal rights

Relatives are to get a legal right to be consulted before food or water is withdrawn from terminally-ill patients under the so-called "pathway to death," under new Government proposals.