Criminologist: 'It's important to keep Savile in context'

The former police detective Mark Williams Thomas has confirmed that Jimmy Savile was questioned by police "on more than one occasion" in connection with the Yorkshire Ripper investigation.

But he is eager to stress that it is important to put this questioning in context.


1 of 2 I can confirm the @itvcalandar exclusive by @itvyorkshire that #jimmysavile was spoken to as part of Ripper investigation


2 of 2 however important to remember #jimmysavile lived close to red light areas & as a result was often seen in the areas.


Important to keep context #jimmysavile knew Yorkshire Ripper , the Krays & other dangerous offenders. He enjoyed knowing these people


Savile programme child claim

Jimmy Savile created his TV shows to gain access to children, Mark Williams-Thomas, the child protection expert and criminologist who helped expose the late entertainer as a paedophile, has said.