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New Archbishop's gambling plea

The Bishop of Durham, Rt Rev Justin Welby, has said anyone who made money by betting on his appointment as the next Archbishop of Canterbury should make a donation to the church.

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Bootleggers and Churchill: Rt Rev Welby's family history

  • Rt Rev Welby's father was a businessman who traded in whisky during the prohibition years in America and then became an executive for a company that survived the alcohol ban by selling communion wine. He also knew the Kennedy family.
  • His mother was Winston Churchill's private secretary. Rt Rev Welby is also related to Rab Butler, the former Conservative deputy prime minister.
  • The 56-year-old and his wife Caroline have had six children. Their first born, seven-month-old Johanna, died in a car crash in France in 1983.
  • He read law and history at Trinity College, Cambridge, before joining the oil industry. He was based in Paris and London, working on West African and North Sea projects.
  • He became a group treasurer in a company called Enterprise Oil, before resigning in 1987 to train for the Anglican priesthood.

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