Police: Savile may have been questioned over Ripper murders

Jimmy Savile may have been questioned by detectives investigating the Yorkshire Ripper murders, West Yorkshire Police confirmed today.

The revelation comes after a senior officer who worked on the inquiry revealed the disgraced DJ was a suspect in the notorious case more than 30 years ago.

Former detective John Stainthorpe said Savile's name came up in Yorkshire Ripper inquiries. Credit: ITV Calendar News

Former West Yorkshire Police detective John Stainthorpe said police approached the Leeds-born presenter after an anonymous tip-off.

Mr Stainthorpe, who spent 40 years in the force, told ITV's Calendar News: "When the Ripper was really active, one of the suspects put forward by the public was, in fact, Jimmy Savile. Obviously, it was not he, but he was interviewed along with many others."