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Ash tree disease action plan

Ministers have published an action plan outlining how it plans to tackle ash dieback disease that threatens 80 million trees in Britain. There are now 115 confirmed cases in the UK

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What is ash dieback?

Ash dieback is caused by the Chalara fraxinea fungus. The fungus causes leaf loss and crown dieback and can lead to tree death.

It is not known how the disease spreads, but it could be by insects or rain splash, over longer distances it is believed to be transferred by the movement of infected trees.

Symptoms of Chalara fraxinea can be visible on leaves, shoots and branches of affected trees and include:

  • In severe cases, the entire crown shows leaf loss and dieback
  • There may be the formation of dormant shoots under the bark on branches and the trunk
  • Foliage Leaves can suffer from wilting and black-brownish discoloration

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